Previous Conviction Enquiries

Business and the public alike throughout South Africa have adopted the standard approach of vetting potential employees during the employment process in order to safeguard their interests.

Afiswitch specializes in assisting employers to conduct secure previous conviction enquiries on individuals in order to make informed decisions with regards to employment.

The benefits of conducting previous conviction enquiries:

Ensuring the right candidate is placed in the right position

Enhanced risk compliance within your organization

Improved regulatory compliance within your industry

Decrease in hiring risks and business liability or bad media exposure

Decrease in employee turnover

Knowledge of a person’s background

The software features include:

Flexibility and convenience to perform electronic enquiries from your office or off site

Electronic capture of fingerprints via FBI-certified technology

Online security features such as encrypted links for data transfer

Fingerprints are vetted against the SAPS

Offline storage capabilities

Previous conviction enquiry certificates can be accessed via our online portal to confirm results


Stay informed by verifying previous conviction enquiry certificates on Afiswitch’s portal. Simply click on our link to verify the authenticity of a certificate.

The Host Request reference number and ID/Passport number will allow for the authentication of the report. No ‘sign in’ is required.


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